Dahomey (1952)

In 1952, Pierre Verger, the famous Photographer and Ethnologist, took those pictures (the sleeve too) of Egun ceremony in Benin. Egun is a mask. A dead spirit who's coming back behind costume, music, song, dance, advices and judgments for living people.
The recording is from Gilbert Rouget, the great musical ethnologist who worked during a long period in Benin.

Harmonie Voltaique (Burkina-Faso)

I Invite you to read more of this article from Matthieu lavoie about Burkina Faso's music on V.O.A's post, which is very well documented and interesting:

Gnonnas Pedro & His Dadjes Band: "30 Novembre.."

Gnonnas Pedro was also an actor of the "Afrobeat" movement. Recorded in 1979 this Agbadja modern rhythm single is, through its lyrics, a support of General Mathieu Kerekou's politic (back cover's picture) which was influensed by communism and make Dahomey become, in 1972, the Popular Republic of Benin.

Anniversary Post: ALBARIKA & ADJAHOUI: 001

This is the first production and recording, in 1969, from Albarkia Store and Yedenou Adjahoui. As always Adjahoui sings in Goun, a language from the Goun people of Porto Novo. But he also sings, on face B, in Mina, from the ouest of Benin, in Aneho. Many traditional singers were singing in different languages that's how Adjahoui become so popular...
The Picture has been taken in 1969 by Gilbert Rouget, the famous musicologist who recorded many ceremonies. The girl is a Vodoun adept of Dikwin, a rare Vodoun from Goun People.
I never saw them during my shootings in Porto-Novo.