Yedenou Adjahoui et son ensemble folklorique d'Avrankou

Another LP from Yedenou Adjahoui. The picture is from Pierre Verger. Taken in 1969 during a novice ceremony of voodoo"Hohwèè", a god from Goun community.

Kilola & Orchestre Poly-Rythmo

I have no informations about Kilola. If somebody has? Anyway this lp has been recorded in Benin in the late 70s and the orchestra is simply the powerfull Poly-Rythmo. Heavy soukous...

Sonny Okosun: "Papa's Land"

Poly Rythmo: Jolie Beauté Africaine

Two joyfull Cavacha rhythms from the Tout Puissant recorded in 1975. "Côte d'Ivoire Chérie" is clearly dedicated to Ivory Coast and all its beautifull towns as well as its "Jolie Beauté Africaine".

Yedenou Adjahoui et son ensemble

I suppose that this LP in stereo and with a good recording sound is from the late seventies. I would love to talk Goun language because I would be able to translate the poetry and chronics from Adjahoui.
The tune "Jesu Jiji" is a pure Kakagbo rhythm. Beware of Kaka, a powerfull warrior rhythm which is played by the famous "One man-band": Sagbohan Danialou.