Yedenou Adjahoui is a famous traditional and voodoo singer from Benin. He was the biggest indpiration for Benin's older generation of singers. He was a real poet. He could sing about voodoo gods as wall as vividly as about street people. Adjahoui was initiated to Sakpata's vooddoo, the Earth's voodoo.
His traditional's music may be difficult to hear, but, as the famous musicologist, Gilbert Rouget, said: "Voodoo music is difficult to understand because it is the most complicated in the world. All the rhytms are inside voodoo music."

The first person to introduce Yedenou Adjahoui was DJ Franc O from Voodoo Funk in his Mede woui 's mix with a very rare title: Yedenou Adjahoui: "Keke Zeto".

Yedenou left us in 1995.