Burkina Faso (1974-1978)

Orchestre Harmonie Voltaique:
It was the oldest and most prolific orchestra in the Upper Volta. In the Latin-Mossi track "Nwendaramba" the singer points out that those who wear shoes can do what they like whereas the poor will always be pushed from pillar to post. In the final track, "M'baba Taram", the band open up the guitars for a song about a spoilt son who meets his comeuppance when he squanders his inheritance and is reduced to selling kebabs in the street.

Orchestre Super Volta:
Super Volta were the key band for CVD, provinding most of the music for its two major singers, Amadou Ballake and Sandwidi Pierre. Alongside there work with them the band can be heard here with Cisse Abdoulaye on his composition "Son Magni", a complaint about a lazy sister.

Sandwidi Pierre:
In song after song he dignified the vast rural majority of the Upper Volta whilst sparing the urban elite no quarter. The first song of Sandwidi's songs included on thsi compilation, "Ouaga Affaires", recorded with Harmonie Voltaique, tells the story of a man leaving the countryside to meet his friend in the capital. Disillusioned with the treatment of the rural majority by the urban middle class he launches into a catalogue of Ouaga's vices.
In "Yamb Ney Capitale" , recorded with Super Volta, Sandwidi tells the story of a man born in Ouagadougou who goes to work as a civil servant in a rural district. He returns to Ouaga for holiday and meets a woman in a bar. He takes her out for the night and she accompanies him back to his hotel. In the morning he 300 CFA as a present but she insists a night costs 1000 CFA and unles he pays she will report him to the police.
In the song "Mam Ti Fou", against with Super Volta, Sandwidi is called a thief for standing beside a man's car, which prompts him to unleash an invective against his bourgeosie accuser.

Amadou Ballake:
His unsparalleled voice was destined to make im a superstar in the orchestra Harmonie Voltaique. He quickly formed his own group, Les 5 Consuls, with the superb Mangue Konde on lead guitar. The band can be heard here with their excellent latin number "Baden Djougou".

Mangue Konde:
His best work, as a composer, would come after Les 5 Consuls disbanded and he teamed up with Super Mande of Côte d'Ivoire. Super Mande's heavy rhythm section provided the ideal framework for Konde's guitar and the band can be heard her in full effect with the track "Touba". You can also listen to his fantastic album taht I posted HERE.

And also Supremes Kombemba Orchestra, Mamo Lagbema and Dafra Star.


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