Fantastic live from Fela at the Afro Spot, recorded between 1966 and 1969. The afrobeat is about to born and Tony Allen is totally possessed on the drums, espcially in Moti Gnrokan.

Fela Kuti: "Everyday I got my blues"

Fela Kuti: "Moti Gnrokan"

"It was so fucking strange to them you know. It took us 5 years to establish that music properly in the country (Nigeria). At first it was only the jazz lovers who got it.But later people started to pick up because now we started to do this afternoon jump thing at the Afro-Spot. They would come in early to the club to enjoy themselves, and then this music started to enter them".
Tony Allen

Fela Kuti: "Waka Waka"

Fela Kuti: "Lai Se"


This is a personal editing of "Malouyame" by Miriam Makeba with poem "Les Souffles" by great senegalese poet Birago Diop.


Montage personnel du morceau "Malouyame" par Miriam Makeba et du poème "Les Souffles" par l'immense poète sénégalais Birago Diop.