Kilola & Orchestre Poly-Rythmo

I have no informations about Kilola. If somebody has ? Anyway this lp has been recorded in Benin in the late 70s with powerfull Poly-Rythmo and directed by Dgib's on his Sodogil label. Heavy soukous.


Je n'ai aucune information sur Kilola. Si quelqu'un en a ? En tout cas cet album a été enregistré au Bénin avec le puissant Poly-Rythmo et réalisé par Dgib's le propriétaire du label Sodogil. Grosse soukous.

Sonny Okosun: "Papa's Land" (Nigeria/1977)

Sonny Okosun was born in 1947. He was one of the leading Nigerian musicians from the late 1970s to mid '80s. His first band, The Postmen, was formed in Enugu in 1965. In 1969 he joined Melody Maestros, a band led by Victor Uwaifo from 1972 to 1974 he led a group known as Paperback Limited and then formed a new band, Ozziddi. From then on, he released several albums either with Ozziddi, or solo recordings.

His 1977 song, "Fire in Soweto", became a major international hit. He was featured in the anti-apartheid album Sun City and his song "Highlife" was in the soundtrack of 1986 film Something Wild His mainstream success started to fade in the late 1980s, but he continued his career as a gospel musician under the name Evangelist Sonny Okosun.
He died aged 61 on 24 May 2008 at  Washington DC.

T.P. Poly Rythmo: "Jolie Beauté Africaine" (1975)

Two joyfull Cavacha rhythms from Poly-Rythmo recorded in 1975. "Côte d'Ivoire Chérie" is clearly dedicated to Ivory Coast and all its beautifull towns as well as its beautifull girls: "Jolie Beauté Africaine".

Deux superbes rythmes cavacha du Poly-Rythmo composés par Clément Mélomé en 1975. "Côte d'Ivoire Chérie" est clairement dédicacé à la Côte d'Ivoire et ses jolies villes ainsi que ses "Jolies Beautés africaines".

Yedenou Adjahoui et son ensemble

I suppose that this LP in stereo and with a good recording sound is from the late seventies. I would love to talk Goun language because I would be able to translate the poetry and chronics from Adjahoui.
The tune "Jesu Jiji" is a pure Kakagbo rhythm. Beware of Kaka, a powerfull warrior rhythm which is played by the famous "One man-band": Sagbohan Danialou.

Pat Thomas (Ghana/1979)

Pat Thomas was Born in 1951 in Kumasi, Ghana. The wave of disco and reggae that swept Africa in the mid-70s created differing responses: some musicians pulled away from playing imported music entirely, others adopted it and adapted it to their own purposes. One of the latter category is highlife vocalist Thomas, who made his name with his band the Sweet Beans. He was brought up by his uncle, Onyina, a celebrated local band leader and the owner of a record store in Kumasi.

In 1969 he joined the Broadway Dance Band, leaving a year later to join the Uhuru Dance Band for a tour of the UK. Returning to Ghana, he played with Ebo Taylor’s Blue Monks, spent a year in the Cote D’lvoire and then formed the Sweet Beans in 1973. Like many Ghanaian bands, the Sweet Beans received sponsorship from a government body, in this case the Cocoa Marketing Board. They released False Lover in 1974, then split and re-formed as Marijata, releasing Marijata and Pat Thomas Introduces Marijata, after which Thomas released two reggae-influenced solo albums, Let’s Think It Over and Asawado.

National Jazz du Dahomey (1968)

National Jazz du Dahomey is one of the first modern band of Benin after decolonisation. This Extended Play record was released in 1968.

National Jazz du Dahomey figure parmi les premiers groupes modernes du Bénin après la décolonisation. Ce 45 tours longue version a été enregistré en 1968.