K. FRIMPONG & VIS-A-VIS (Ghana/1978)

Here is this the seriously rare album shared by Ogoun Ferraille. Thank you to him.
In the mid-70s, K. Frimpong recorded with two orchestras simultaneously. Let's begin with the Vis-A-Vis band. The first album was recorded in 1977 on the label Probisco Records (KBL 068). It has been reissued later on Makossa International Records (MA 7076). One of the best Vis-A-Vis album.


Vis-A-Vis was led by Isaac Yeboah, based in Kumasi and featuring some of the Ghana's finest musicians of the 70's: Sammy Cropper on lead guitar, Slim Yaw on bass and Kung-fu Kwaku on drums. This other album with Vis-A-Vis was recorded in 1978 on the label Ofori Brothers.

Bony Castro & LES AS DU BÉNIN (Ivory-Coast/Togo)

This rare album was composed and sung in 1980 by Ivory-Coast singer Bony Castro backed by togolese band "Les As du Bénin". The music is similar to Ernesto Djedje ziglibithy' style.


Cet album plutôt rare a été composé et chanté par Bony Castro, chanteur Ivoirien accompagné par l'orchestre togolais "Les As du Bénin". Une musique dans le style ziglibithy d'Ernest Djedje.

Lemed Janvier & AFRICAN ALL STARS (Congo-Bénin/1982)

This is a rare album of Lemed Janvier with African All Stars led by Sam Mangwana. Soukous as usual with Lemed.
Kpedjolemed Janvier was born in 1949 in Cove, benin. he started music at college. his father saw in him the desire to become a musician and asked him to go study at the INZA (National Arts Institute of Zaïre). But Janvier anticipates integrating the Poly-Rythmo orchestra with whom he recorded his first title: "Sais-tu que je t'aime". At the insistence of his father, he joined, in 1979, the orchestra "Les Volcans de la Capitale", which was the national orchestra, and recorded three albums. Finally, he went to study in Zaïre and joined, as singer, the Afrisa International Tabu Rey Rochereau's band. He recorded  three albums: "Mea Culpa", "Akuotowévo" and finally "Lemed in Kinshasa". Lemed janvier passed away on January 11, 2011 at the age of 62.

Cet album de Lemed Janvier et l'orchestre Africain All Stars de Sam Mangwana est plutôt rare. De la soukous comme toujours avec Lemed.
Kpedjolemed janvier est né en 1949 à Covè, Bénin. Il commence la musique dans la chorale de son collège. Son père voyant en lui le désir de devenir musicien lui propose de l'inscrire à l'INZA (Institut National des Arts du Zaïre) après son baccalauréat. Mais janvier anticipe en intégrant l'Orchestre Poly-Rythmo avec qui il enregistre son premier titre: "Sais-tu que je t'aime". Sur l'insistance de son père, il intègre, en 1979, l'orchestre des "Volcans de la Capitale", qui était l'orchestre national, et enregistre trois albums. Finalement, il part faire ses études au Zaïre et intègre en qualité de chanteur l'orchestre Afrisa International de Tabu Ley Rochereau. Il enregistre trois albums: "Mea Culpa", "Akuotowévo" et enfin "Lemed à Kinshasa". Lemed janvier nous a quitté le 11 Janvier 2011 à l'âge de 62 ans.