Sonny Okosuns was born on 1st January 1947 in Enugu. He entered showbiz in 1964 as a sole actor/singer In 1965, he attended the 1st Commonwealth Arts Festival in Great Britain. In 1966, Sonny attended the first All-Negroes Arts Festival in Dakar, Senegal. Later the same year, he formed his first amateur group The Postmen in Enugu.

    In 1968, he worked in the design Section of NBC/TV. Lagos. In 1969, he joined Victor Uwaifo'band as second guitarist. In the same year, he attended the 1st All African Cultural Arts Festival in Algeria. In 1970, ha acted in a films shot in London entitled "The Cinemas of Ramond Fark" or "Mau Mau Strike at down."

    In 1971, he formed his first professional band called Paperback Ltd. which later disbanded to form OZZIDI.

    This is Sonny Okosun's first album called OZIDIZM containing the music of the ancient Ishan Folklore re-orientated.
                                                                                                                    FESTUS RUPEE

Siagbo Dieudonné Eddie & Martine Blanchelle (Togo)

Chers amis, je travaille beaucoup en ce moment et je n'ai pas le temps de vous faire découvrir des disques. Je suis sur que vous aimerez ce superbe 45 tours des artistes togolais Togolais Eddie Siagbo Dieudonné et Martine Blanchelle accompagné par l'orchestre El Rego & Ses Commandos un précédent enregistrement sur le même label a déjà été posté ici.

Dear friends, Iwork a lot right now and I do not have time to post records. I am sure you will love this one, composed and sung by togolese artits Eddie Siagbo Dieudonné and  Martine Blanchelle backed by El Rego & Ses Commandos band. A previous recording on same label has already been posted here.