PASSION (act 1)

If my friend Dj Soulpusher from Voodoo Funk is feeling sad and nostalgic, i offer him those glasses of sodhabi:

Clément Mélomé: "Angélina"

Blueky d'Almeida: "Les djos"

Emmanuel Gnassounou: "Gbè do dé ko"

I would like to talk especially about Sophie Edia. i used this title in my last documentary "Au coeur des théâtres" which I talk to you about later. Edia Sophie used to be a "Vidomégon": slave children...

Sophie Edia: "Adjanouvi"

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Frank said...

Thanx Nico,

a glass of Sodabi would certainly be a nice treat... I think I'm going to tryand import this stuff for my future party here in NYC. A truly enlightening spirit!

all the best