By the mid-1970, the Syli Authentic orchestra was the greatness of Guinean popular music. Disbanded too soon, this band was of the new generation better hopes, being deeply rooted in the rich mandingo traditional while displaying an insolent modernity.


glinka21 said...

I'm just getting into pop/beat music of late. One group I've seen mentioned, Syli Authentic, really grabbed me in four cuts that are up on Youtube. Granted, other Guineean groups are excellent--Balla et ses Balladins, Bembaya Jazz, and Keletigui's--and I've been eagerly listening to all I can of these. But Syli Authentic seems the most radical in some ways, and also the most inaccessible. This disc seems to have no download from this page; so it's inaccessible, as well. I was wondering if you could place up such a link.

Regardless, great blog.

glinka21 said...

Make that afropop/beat music of late. Bah.

oro said...

Hello Glinka,
sorry but I don't own this album. I used to have one title of it but I never found it today.
I will try to find it for you.
Best regards

glinka21 said...

Thanks, Oro! Very much obliged.