Leon Keita



icastico said...

A new artist to meet.
Looking forward to listening.
I love the photo, btw.

NGONI said...

Many years waiting to hear this album, truly grateful for this wonderful gift.

The two photos are fantastic, but still remains a great curiosity to know the back cover of this great album.

trumpetaaa said...

fantastic record again !!!!!!!!!!thanks for all the wonderful music on this blog

calumbinho said...

Encore un album merveilleux, merci bien! (T'as pas par hasard Vol.1- Famadenke ou Vol.2-Koulandjan des Rail Band avec Djelimady Tounkara??)

NGONI said...


Attention the song Wousse is duplicated.

Is attached after 7.28 minutes of Koma Kouma and then again alone.

Thanks again.

Momo said...

Keep the great work up!

skylark said...

Beautiful, thank you.

Thanks to Ngoni for noting the duplication of Wousse.

ralf2152 said...

It's amazing, I'm late for all that but I interezan links, please would you kindly upload this album again.

Thanks for such great music

Oro said...

Link is fixed