Yedenou Adjahoui et son ensemble folklorique d'Avrankou


alex said...

Hi, Oro,

Thank you so much for posting these great albums. I listened to some Yedenou Adjahoui and I loved his rhythms. I am so glad to see a blog devoted so much to Vodoun.

Can I make a request? I am a big fan of Madam Comfort Omoge and her Asiko Ikale Traditional Sounds, from Yoruba region of Nigeria. I bought one of her records in a local record store ten years ago, and it was a Nigerian pressing. I have been looking for Comfort Omoge music, on blogs, on ebay, everywhere. I have looked in WorldServe, in Global Groove, and I can't find her early albums anywhere, either on digital or for sale as a record. Have you heard of Madam Comfort Omoge? If you have any of her albums, can you post them? Thanks, and, again, thank you so much for your wealth of traditional African music.

All the best,


Oluwole "Ammo" Amosu said...

Growing up at the sea side in Badagry, Nigeria, I was exposed to Adjahoui's music. My grandparents (God bless their souls) had a lot of fun listening to his music too. Adjahoui was an African Musical Giant!!! Thanks Oro!!!


Anonymous said...

There are some posts about Yedenou Adjahoui which are dead. When you continue your re-ups they should be concidered

Thanks in advance / Thomas