Safohene Djeni (Ghana)

The background to Safehini Djeni's music career is dated as far back as the sixties when he joined T.D. Quarcoo's Guitar Band, where he learnt to play the guitar. As variety is the spice of life, he later joined guitar bands like Akompi, Okukuseku N°1, Ahamano's and later Nyame Bekyere Band led by ace actor Seaboy J.N. Ebroni and feature prominently as lead guitarist and vocalist and also composer of their hit tune "Nyame Bekyere".

Safohene Djeni fit les gloires des grands orchestres tels que Akompi, Okukuseku N°1, Ahamano et Nyame Bekeyeke Band dans le quel évolue la grande star J.N. Ebroni. Il fit sa place comme guitariste mais aussi comme chanteur et compositeur, notamment du fameux titre "Nyame Bkyere".

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