Ethiopia, 1974: Mahmoud Ahmed, Bahta G.Hiwot, Getatchew Kassa.

Oro is not used to Ethiopian music, but thanks to Jam Magica, again, let's begin with the great middle 1970s period and four rare records. Thank's a lot Jam...

Born in Addis Ababa, Mahmoud shined shoes in that city before becoming a handyman at the Arizona Club, where he first sang professionally in the early 1960s. He sang for the Imperial Body Guard Band until 1974's revolution, and recorded with other bands for the Amha and Kaifa record labels throughout the 1970s.

Since the late 1990s he has enjoyed a resurgence in popularity in Europe and the Americas since Buda Musique launched the Ethiopiques series on compact disc. Let's discover those first own productions, accompagnied by Dahlac Band, from this incredible voice, mounted by gods.

Bahta Gebre Hiwot began his musical career as a member of the house band at the Ras Hotel in Addis Ababa. Hiwot played with this band for many years but he managed to record several solo singles, including the charming "Tessassategn Eko", which was arranged by master Mulatu Astatke.

Getatchew Kassa is known for composing the most revolutionary pieces, among all, his reinterpretations of the revered traditional "Tezeta", in both slow and fast versions.
For more infos check out the great Ethiopian music discographie on Funkidelity's blog.


Z j A k said...

Great partnership ! And Nickivour worked on a beautiful video :

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en tant que fan fini de mahmoud ahmed, je suis bien heureux de le voir surgir sur ton blog, merci!

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Many thanks for this great, rare stuff! If you have more old Ethiopian LPs, I'm all ears.

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Fantastic stuff - as always - much appreciated...
Any chance of hearing the A-side of Mahmoud Ahmed (MA 1) and the B-side of Getatchew Kassa (PH249) ?

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Grateful for the trip east. THANKS.

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Ok Kopie I'll send the A side MA 1 and B side PH 249 to Oro as soon as possible but the best was here.

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Thanks for this, and SO MANY other treasures!!! You are singlehandedly providing me with an education on this time and place!

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