Mamadou Doumbia: Vol.1 & Vol.2 on Badmos (Côte d'Ivoire, 1975)

Mamadou Doumbia is a guitarist from Côte d'Ivoire who is part, after independence, of the first generation of modern musicians, with Amédée Pierre and his "Ivoro Star" band, presumed first Ivorian musician and singer.

In 1962, Mamadou Doumbia created the band "Trio de l'entente" which will become "Orchestre de l'Entente" ("orchestra of the agreement") and recorded  over sixteen 7-inches singles on Safi Deen label. From 1975, he recorded on Badmos label, here is two volumes.

Badmos, a name that rhymed with music in Ivory Coast. Badmos the almighty. Sam Mangwana was singing: "Badmos handsome man, very slim, you've turned my head". He was born Gbadamassi Raimi of Nigerian origin and for the purposes of its business, it shall be known as Badmos. H produced many artists such as Ernesto Djedje, Bailly Spinto, Jimmy Yacinthe, Wedji Ped, François Lougah, Salif Keita, and of course Mamadou Doumbia.


NGONI said...

This is the musician who posted worldservice, not the one living in Japan.

I was trying to recognize the style of guitar of Mamadou Doumbia (the one living in Japan)and re-listen to this album I realized that this is not the Malian Mamadou living in Japan or the other so-called PERCEY ex-Biton.

Must be the Ivoirien, which told us Likembe:[I had thought that these recordings were all by the same artist, but it seems that they are by two different musicians named Mamadou Doumbia, one from Mali and the other from Côte d'Ivoire! And to further befuddle matters, there is yet another Malian musician named Mamadou Doumbia residing in Tokyo, who once played with the Rail Band and Salif Keita and has a band called Mandinka (not to mention an Ivoirian footballer by the same name, who as far as I know has no musical talent!)]

and also posted in worldservice.

and this other,
Mamadou Doumbia et son ensenble l'orchestra Conseil De L'Entente(1980)(vinyl rip)in Ylow blog.

Oro said...

Thank you Ngoni for your comment, I have just fixed my error.