Sammy Cropper & His Wire Connections (Ghana, 1978)

Toujours sur le même label Américain Makossa Records, la suite logique du précédent courrier sur le redoutable orchestre Vis-A-Vis Dance Band, avec un album signé par son grand guitariste Sammy Cropper. Sur cet album figure aussi le fameux batteur, Shaolin Kung Fu. Ce disque est comme neuf et vous pouvez l'acheter sur Diaspora Records. Assez parlé, voici le texte qui figure sur la pochette arrière du disque, et qui dit tout:

Don't be deceived by this album with this Guy Sammy Cropper, as the founder and leader of the Wire Connections group. He is still with the versatile Vis-A-Vis Dance Band. This is just a trying of his experience.
Sammy Cropper started playing the guitar in his elementary school days. By secondary and technical levels he was very good at it, and would entertain his contemporaries during free time.
He joined the Cubano Fiesta when he left school and remained with it for one year leaving to join the Supreme Starlight Band for the next five years, and from which he formed the versatile Vis-A-Vis.


SebCatLitter said...

hi there, excellent writeup but when opening the files, the music does not correspond with the text.

the artist that shows in my player is
Okoi Seka Athanase & Les Grands Columbia du Peuple

Oro said...

Hello Seb Cat Litter,
link is fixed

Anonymous said...

Hi there Oro,

Was wondering if you have anything from Seaboy (other than the blue one that has been posted elsewhere) or Nyame Bekyere?

The Wire Connections is a good album. It has popped up on a couple other blogs a while back.


Unknown said...

Hi! how can I download some of the music that is is posted in your blog? I know it might sound wired, but I don't really know how a blog works!
Thanks :-)

oro said...

You have to click on "oro" and then download...