Guehi Jean & Son Ensemble (Ivory Coast)

Also on label Badmos, a record from Guehi Gnamaka Jean, leader of Zigbilithy rhythm from Tahiraguhe. This recording is truly original and completly soul, especially the song "Essemon Moupoh".

Toujours sur le label Badmos un album de Jean Gnamaka Guéhi, chef du rythme Zigbilithy de Tahiraguhé. Cet enregistrement est vraiment original et complétement Soul, en particulier le morceau "Essemon Moupoh". 


ken_yatta said...


Can't say that I care for his soul recordings (based only on on cut that was included in the Ivory Coast Soul compil), but will give it a chance. He also recorded a Lp (Pantalon Craque on GD productions) with denis hekimian on traps that has a heavy zouk/makossa feel.


aduna said...

Vraiment très chouette. Encore une découverte grace à toi. Un grand merci.

ken_yatta said...

Good record Oro.

Thanks again.

Oro said...

Thank you again for your comments.