Sam Mangwana & Les Dadjes (1980)

Voici encore un exemple de création Béninoise surprenante. Cet album a été composé  et chanté par le célèbre congolais Sam Mangwana, enregistré en Côte D'Ivoire avec l'orchestre Les Dadjes (orchestre béninois du fameux Gnonnas Pedro) et produit sur le label Sodagil du très connu artiste béninois Gilbert Dossou alias Prince Dgib's. Je vous laisse savourer cette bonne mayonnaise.

Here is another example of surprising Beninese creation. This album has been composed and sung by the famous Congolese Sam Mangwana, recorded in Ivory Coast with the band "Les Dadjes" (famous Gnonnas Pedro' band) and on the label Sodagil, from well-known Beninese artist Gilbert Dossou aka Prince's Dgib's. I let you taste this good mayonnaise.


dial africa said...
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dial africa said...

I can't wait to hear this. Such extraordinary treasures you share with us! Thank you, oro.

DJ Daudi said...

I second the reamrk from Dial Arica.
This is exciting! Merci mingi, oro!

Mouhamadou Falilou Mbacke Ndiaye said...

I never knew that Sam Mangwana did a LP with the Dadjes. That should be something powerful. I'm looking for the LP The Band of Africa Vol 3 with the classic Dadje Von o Von Non. This song has been on my mind for quite a while. Thanks in advance. Mouhamadou

Evans said...

Thanks Oro for the wonderful music. Amazing! Could you tell me who played drums on this album?