I think many of you will enjoy this compilation of Togolese music which contains many stars such as divas Bella Bellow (produced by Manu Dibango) or Julie Akoussah, but especially Roger Damahouzan  and his famous hit "Wait for me". Strange appearance on this compilation: Le Super Boboto band from Congo-Brazzaville. If anyone knows why?

Je pense que vous serez nombreux à apprécier cette compilation togolaise dans laquelle figure de nombreuses stars telles que les divas Bella Bellow (produite par Manu Dibango) ou Julie Akoussah, mais surtout Roger Damahouzan et son célèbre morceau "Wait for me". Etrange apparition sur cette compilation: l'orchestre Super Boboto du Congo-Brazzaville. Si quelqu'un sait pourquoi ?

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reservatory said...

Really interesting, unfamiliar sounds here. Sorry to say, track 10 is a repeat of track 9. THANKS for posting in any case.