Orquestra Afro Brasileira (1958)

Before leaving the old world I propose this great music coming from the new world. Oro insiders know already this album which success forced me to remove it from the blog. Once again the first recording of Orquestra Afro Brasileira. Exceptional Brazilian and world musical heritage.

The band was born in 1942. They recorded only two albums in 1958 and 1968. During 30-years career, they only played hundred concerts. This first album foreshadows all Brazilian modern music. Afro Brasilera's charismatic leader is Abigail Moura who was the first artist to catch from Macumba music rituals rhythms and instruments such as:
Agôgô, Adêjà, Urucongo, Afoxê, Canza, Atabaques, Angona-Puita.
Abigail Moura was not initiated into African Orishas but he was proceeding Macumba or Candomble rituals before each concert. His music comes from ritual songs, African thythm, Jazz, brass band and much more. This extremely rare record is part of Brazil's greatest treasure.

Avant de quitter l'ancien monde je propose cette musique exceptionnelle venu du nouveau monde. Les initiés d'Oro savent que j'ai déjà posté ce disque et que son succès m'a obligé à le retirer. Une nouvelle fois, le premier enregistrement d'Orquestra Afro Brasileira, patrimoine de la musique brésilienne et patrimoine culturel mondial.

Cet orchestre est né en 1942, il a enregistré seulement deux albums en 1958, puis en 1968. En 30 ans de carrière, cet orchestre n'a joué que 100 concerts. Le premier album préfigure toute la musique moderne Brésilienne mais surtout toute sa Négritude. Son leader charismatique était Abigail Moura est le premier artiste a puiser dans les rituels Macumba des rythmes ou des instruments dont voici la liste:
Agôgô, Adêjà, Urucongo, Afoxê, Canza, Atabaques, Angona-Puita.
Abigail Moura n'était pas initié mais il procédait à des rituels Macumba ou Candomble avant chaque concert. De sa musique ressort un mélange extraordinaire de chants rituels, de rythmes africains, de jazz, de brass band et plus encore. Ce disque extrêmement rare fait parti des plus grandes richesses du Brésil.


gilhodges said...

A brilliant record. I loved it the first time you shared it and love it now. Thank you for another amazing year!

faud said...

Absolutely fantastic record! Many thanks for sharing it again! I'm still hoping to put my hands on it one day!
As a small info, this record has been reissued on Cd with great booklet including exclusive pictures and liner notes for the Museu Afro-Brasileiro in Sao Paulo. And this reissue is the very first reissuing work by Greg De Villanova aka Oriki Music! ;)
Um grande abraço do Brasil!

Armand de Preseau said...

Hi Oro !

Thanks for sharing again this amazing record ! Hope Christmas was good, I wish you the best for 2013 !

What means "leaving the old world" ? You're not going to put African record reviews anymore ?? :S..

I know you're really found of Beninese music, but if you like Congolese one check my brand new selection !


Next week a new selection, maybe a cameroon selection, or Thai 60's records or Arabic ones, dunno at the moment but hope you'll be interested in..

Take care, thank you again for this record, and for the beautiful reviews and pictures of your blog !

Happy 2013,

Armand de Preseau

oro said...

Hello Armand,
thanks for your comments.
I made a silly joke about the 22th of december so don't worry I am still there.

Armand de Preseau said...

ahah ! No worries, i just realised I totally forgot about the 21th of December ! So maybe we're all dead now !

Dying listening to Orquestra Afro Brasileira.. Hmm

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