YEKPO ZACHARIE : "La vedette du Soleil"

Yekpo Zacharie Laurel also called "La vedette du Soleil"  is a singer-songwriter who recorded with various bands. The first 10 inches was redcorded with El Rego's band, Los Commandos. The song "Seizo Mamon Agbon" is a very attractive pachanga rhythm. "Hou We Lele Mi" is an excellent sato rhythm that I recomand you.

Yekpo Zacharie Laurel alias "La vedette du Soleil" est un chanteur compositeur qui enregistré avec différents orchestres. Le premier disque a été enregistré avec l'orchestre de El Rego, Los Commandos. Le morceau "Seizo Mamon Agbon" est un rythme pachanga très séduisant. "Hou We Lele Mi" est un excellent rythme sato.

The second 7 inches was recorded with orchestra "Les As du Bénin". The music is traditional and more Yekpo Zacharie's own style. I'll let you judge.

Le deuxième a été enregistré avec l'orchestre "Les As du Bénin". La musique est traditionnelle et correspond plus au style de Yekpo Zacharie. Je vous laisse juger. 


Caleb Dampare said...
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oro said...

Sorry Caleb, I don't have this album.
Best regards

Caleb Dampare said...

Thanks Oro!

That's alright, I've heard that the album had some afrobeat, soul, funk influences. Again thanks anyway.

Best regards to you too

Ogoun Ferraille said...

Terrible ce SATO !

Merci !