Today a great Afrobeat's compilation called Afro rock edited in 2001. First Jingo from Kenya. A very rare title release in 1974.

Jingo: "Fever"

"Envy No good" vocals chants echo those of "Egbe Mi o" interprated by Fela and written by Sammy Walker. Mercury Dance Band is from Nigeria.

Mercury dance Band:
"Envy no good"

The famous Frimpong from Ghana. This deep and soulfull track was recorded in 1976.

K.Frimpong: "Kyenkyen Bi Adi M'awu"

Bokoor Band is coming from Ghana. The track was recorded in 1974 in Nigeria with some production help from Fela.

Bokoor Band: "Onukpa Shawarpo"


bamabob said...

I have this recording & it is really worth your while! Great earlier era afro-beat...thanks for reminding me of it!

Anonymous said...

Could someone post a link, please? I have this one on vinyl, but I would love to have it digitally.

ninikita said...

What are your sources for the barber shop paintings? I'd love to see these as larger versions!