Sagbohan is known to be the greatest traditional music's singer. He has not been initiated into voodoo religion, nevertheless, he is the best voodoo representative with his famous rhythm called Kaka.

The Kaka rhythm is coming from Porto Novo. The name comes from the kakagbo instrument which is played with bamboo sticks.

Danialou Sagbohan: "Djomidjowamo"

Danialou is often called to play in funeral ceremonies. He can sing voodoo songs for all the joy of dead spirits.

Danialou Sagbohan: "Dewemibio"

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zer0 said...

Hi. Just discovered your great blog. Particularly enjoying the Sagbohan tracks, but there's a problem with "Dewemibio": the file appears to be 0 Mb, according to Savefile. Hope it's fixable, as I'm particularly into traditional voice and percussion music.