T.P. Orchestre Poly-Rythmo & Avohou Pierre

Avohou Pierre recorded with Poly-Rythmo and also with Black Santiago. Very soukous. No idea of the year of recording. End of the seventies probably.


Avohou Pierre a enregistré avec les Poly-Rythmo mais aussi avec les Black Santiago. Aucune idéé de l'année d'enregistrement. Probablement fin 70s.


(°_°) said...

il a l'air très méchant ce blog !! coool :)

Anonymous said...

this blog has a very refreshing air ,i think.
thank you very much Oro,great work.

trumpetaaa said...

unbelievable one more of those fantastic rare records !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
many many thanks

icastico said...

(^_^) TP Orogod blog!


Oro said...

Thank you guys,

Trumpetaaa, don't worry, this the beginning...

Best regards and thank you for your comments


Ambiance Congo said...

Great blog, Oro.
I am loving everything I hear. We are truly deprived in USA of music like this. In all the decades that I am buying music, I have never seen any of these.
What a gift you have made to those who listen here and to the music of Benin...you make it heard.

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Kevin said...


I started getting into Poly-Rhythmo after being exposed to the Analog Africa compilations from the past couple years. Thanks for sharing these rare records with me. One of my favorite spots for sure.

Best, Kevin


Marcel said...

check my Pierre Avohou & Poly Rythmo auction ! ;-)

Anonymous said...

Re-upload, please!