Ousmane Kouyate: Revelation 82

This the first album from famous Guinena guitarist Ousmane Kouyaté. Recorded in 1982, it is great mandingo modern music whith killer afro funk tune "N'ny". This record seems to have some value so thanks to Vivien for sharing it with us.



NGONI said...

Really the power of voodoo is getting stronger and get listed wonders missing.

The first theme and the last two are really great, many,many thanks to ORO and of course Vivien.

P.D.I think the music in the keyboard is Cheick Tidiane Seck.

Oro said...

Thank you Ngoni for this powerfull message. There are many things to come, ans as usual, some more voodoo.


trumpetaaa said...

thanks again for wonderful music

Oro said...

link is fixed