T.P. Orchestre Poly-Rythmo & Vicky (1972)

Old recording, probably 1972, from Joseph Vicky Amenoudji and Poly-Rythmo. Check out killer sato beat tune "Koutome".


Vieux disque du Poly-Rythmo, probablement de 1972, composé par Joseph Vicky Amenoudji. Superbe rythme sato sur "Koutome"


icastico said...

Nice tunes. Thanks as always.

Norm said...


I recently strumbled acros this blog; it's great!

I've been listening to African music for over 25 years. In that time I have become very familiar with the the Nigerian, Congolese, Ghanaian and Mandingue styles but haven't had a lot of exposure to the Benin sound.

That's why I was so excited to find this blog. You appear to be very passionate about the music of Benin and are doing a great job educating the rest of us who are hungry to learn more about it. I already knew a little about Poly Rythmo from the Soundway collection but that was just a taste.

I've already downloaded a few of your Poly Rythmo offerings as well as a couple of the Saghoban Daniel ones. Great stuff! I just attempted to download this most recent Poly Rythmo w/Vicky but was unable to unzip it. It asked me to type in a password that I did not have.

Could you share that password so I can listen to some more Poly Rythmo? I'm eager to continue my musical journey through Benin.


tomix said...

Parfait pour se réveiller un lundi matin, après quelques jours d'abus en tout genre ! Un régal, merci !

trumpetaaa said...

sorry to say but I think you have to upload this one more time there is something wrong with the zip file the message I get is winrar can not create

Oro said...

Hello Guys,
I downloaded Poly-Rythmo and everything seems normal. I don't understand. Keep trying.

Norm and Tomix,thanks for your messages and welcome to Oro. Que du bonheur!


Steven said...

Doesn't work for me either. Says file is displaced or missing. Can you re-post, please? Thanks,


icastico said...

For those having trouble with extraction...extract but without "extract with full path" checked. That should fix your problems.

calumbinho said...

i can't unzip it with winrar, but winzip unzips it fine. thanks a lot, oro, "koutome" is amazing.

Olavo di Txada said...

I also get the password request. Pity, the Poly-rythmos are great!