T.P. Orchestre Poly-Rythmo & Loko Pierre (1978)

This album was composed by the saxophonist player of the band, Loko Pierre. It was edited on Albarika Store label in 1978. I particulary enjoy the beautiful gazzo rhyhtm tune "Super Yao Bebenon" sung by a super Eskill Lohento.

Cet album a été composé par le saxophniste du groupe, Pierre Loko. Il a été édité sur le label Albarika en 1978. J'aime particulièrement le rythme gazzo du titre "Super Yao Bebenon" chanté par un super Eskill Lohento.



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Incredible how you keep coming up with these Poly Rythmo albums.
Great job Orogod.

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On the cover there are five tracks listed.
can you please post the track "Djo mi do" too.

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