Professeur Bylledey


Shaun said...

I want to especially thank you for all of the traditional music you post. This album is wonderful!!! But the first track (Ho die) will not open for me. Is it possible to fix? Thank you again for all your time and hard effort.

Oro said...

Hello Shaun,

thank you for your support because sometimes I need it for my traditional music's posts.

More and rare traditional is coming...


alex said...

Hi, Oro

Thank you so much for this post. Even though I never knew of Papillon or heard him, I felt like I connected with his spirit when listening to this album. I could imagine Papillon spreading angelic wings and being sent off to the sky like Ra or Osirus in the days of old. It was sad and yet joyful at the same time. And I could tell through this music that Papillon was a good man. And now I see Papillon's album posted on your site too! Now, I am going to go and listen to the man who this song was all about. The man, the legend, Papillon!

Unknown said...

Hello Oro
the link to Prof Bylledey is not active ...
you could upload it again?

many thanks