Sagbohan Danialou: A.V.A. Promotions N° 11

I would like to begin 2010 with three enormous albums from the label "Aux Vraies Aubaines". The first one, number 11 is a repost from Sagbohan. This is his second LP and it was recorded in 1982. It is for me his best album with deep compositions. The voice of Sagbohan and the powerful Vodoun rhythms take us far into world'spririt.

Je voudrais commençer l'année 2010 avec trois énormes albums du même label: "Aux Vraies Aubaines". Voici tout d'abord le numéro 11, celui de Sagbohan que j'avais précédemment posté mais qui était erroné. Cet album, enregistré en 1979 est le second de l'artiste. C'est pour moi le meilleur opus de Sagbohan, dont la voix et les puissants rythmes Vodoun nous transportent loin dans le monde des esprits.


aduna said...

Encore un superbe album. Un grand merci et bonne année à toi.

Anonymous said...

A really great,great,great Sagbohan Danialou,that I haven't stopped listening this morning,thank you once more.
My best wishes for the new year to you, generous friend Oro.

Valdina said...

Que maravilhoso presente de Ano Novo recebido! Muita saúde Paz e Vida Longa! Para vocês e para Sagbohan!

OBRIGADA! FELIZ 2010!!!!!!!!!!


reservatory said...

Happy 2010! I found one side of a d'almeida blucky et les black santiago 45 at a somewhat unlikely spot and thought you might find it interesting:

Oro said...

Hello Reservatory, Happy new year and thank you for your support. Your link of Blueky is great because I want to post something about him. Best regards for every body and: "De la musique avant toute chose"

reservatory said...
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Tim said...

Hi, I've tried a few times to download this but it dies after about 20%. Any suggestions or help?

dailyleftover said...

hello Nicolas, indeed top album from this great multi-instrumentalist!
i didnt forget to record the Yedenou 7" but did not found time yet ...just starting 2010 :)
Have a great year, best wishes

nn00bb said...

Dear Orogod,

Any possibility to repost this?