Ignace de Souza & The Melody Aces (Ghana, 1962)

Those words are perfect to speak about Ignace de Souza who is best known for his Ghanaian Highlife, even though he was originally from Benin and played eclectic musical styles. In addition to Highlife, his diverse musical repertoire included the Cha Cha, Twist and Afrobeat. Ignace de Souza's major legacy is that he introduced Ghana to that which would be known as Soukous. De Souza's began in Ghana during the 1950's with The Shambros Band, then with The Melody Aces and The Black Santiago. The famous singer from the Broadway Dance Band, Joss Aikins, who played at the Independence Ball, is singing on this 1962's recording.

Ignace de Souza est plus connu comme chanteur de Highlife au Ghana que chanteur éclectique du Bénin. Mais il était aussi connu pour jouer du Cha Cha, du Twist; pour avoir créer l'Afrobeat avec Fela, pour avoir importer le Soukouss au Ghana, et enfin pour être un des meilleurs trompetiste d'Afrique de l'Ouest, rien que ça... De Souza se fit connaitre au Ghana, durant les années 50, avec le groupe Shambros Band, puis durant les années 60s avec les Melody Aces et enfin avec le fameux Black Santiago. Le célèbre chanteur de l'orchestre Broadway Dance Band, Joss Aikins, qui anima la fête de l'indépendance, chante sur cet enregistrement de 1962.


reservatory said...

THANKS again! I'm assuming this will be my last Oro download for 2009. I can't thank you enough for this year's generosity. I haven't even gotten to listen to everything in my Benin folder yet, because it just keeps coming like a river and there are only so many hours in a day. But every time I pull something out I'm a very happy man. I heard a clip from a Gnonnas Pedro 45 today that sounds interesting, and I wondered if you might have it lying around. The songs are Le Vodjo / Je Voudrais Te Voir, on Editions Gnonnscope, from the early 80s. Just wishful thinking... Thanks again for introducing me to the mysterious joys of Benin.

Oro said...

Hello Reservatory and thank you for your support. I have never heard about this EP from Gnonnas. Sounds interesting.
Je te souhaite une excellente année
Happy musical year

jyoti said...

. I have never heard about this EP from Gnonnas.but i like it.
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Ewiase said...

i do remember this record from my dad's collection. thanks for bringing back old memories.