Vodun Music: ASO

Je voudrais revenir aux sources et aux valeurs du blog Oro: Partager de la musique. Notamment la musique Vodoun. Beaucoup ne savent pas que je suis documentariste, que j'ai produit et réaliser plusieurs films sur la religion "Vodun" au Bénin.
Aso est un fétiche Vodoun et un instrument de musique unique, le plus grand balafon dans le monde. C'est un "double xylophone sur fosse" comme l'a nommé le musicologue Gilbert Rouget lorsque il l'a entendu et photographié à Porto-Novo en 1952. Il ne reste plus qu'un seul Aso au Bénin et je vous offre le seul enregistrement existant. En effet, Aso est un fétiche très particulier qui ouvre et clôture les cérémonies du Vodoun Achina. En 2002, j'ai été autorisé à enregistrer et aujourd'hui partager cette musique chargée d'esprits et terriblement puissante. Son instrument principale est un double balafon géant creusé dans la terre. Les deux batteurs se font face, le grand exécute la rythmique, le petit les harmoniques. 

Giant Balafon Aso by Orogod

I want to return to the sources and values of Oro: Share music, including music from Vodun religion. Many do not know that I'm a documentary filmmaker. I produced several documentaries about Vodun in Benin.
Aso is a voodoo fetish and unique musical instrument, the biggest balafon in the world. It is a "double xylophone dug in the earth" as musicologist named it when he heard and shot it in 1952. There remains only one Aso in Benin and I offer the only existing recording. Indeed, Aso is a very particular fetish that opens and closes ceremonies of Vodun Achina. In 2002, I was allowed to to film and record, and share, this music loaded with spirits and terribly powerful. Its main instrument is dual giant balafon dug in the ground. The two drummers face each other, the big executes the rhythmic, the small harmonics.


ledenn said...

Thank you so much!

NGONI said...

Thanks, a good time to resort to magic.

I hope to help us much as we need.

And there is nothing else like beauty of essentials.

"Big Al" Maghreb said...

This is a remarkable recording. Are any of your documentaries available to buy?

Jaime said...

Fascinant, Oro. Merci de nous mener aux sources.

Broshing said...

Impressionnant. Merci du partage.


Most interesting, the Aso. A singular & absolute musick. Power.

NGONI said...

Orouses masks


The Mighty Louche said...

Just found your blog, and downloaded just about every upload that wasn't a dead link. Amazing site! Thank you.

I would also be interested in your documentaries. (I'm an editor too.) Are they online?

I'm going to Benin over New Year (my first time in West Africa). Any tips on where to go for traditional music?

And any LPs you want me to keep an eye out for?

Keep up the great work!