Long time ago that i wanted to share this movie with you. A documentary directed by famous switzerland photographer Alberto Venzago.
In 2000 I met him in Benin, he was shooting, like me, his documentary about voodoo religion. I was impressed by his story. He has been shooting for 10 years a child who was chosen to become a voodoo priest. Mighty and sublime film produced by Wim Wenders, written by Kit Hopkins and music by Jochen Schmidt-Hambrock.

Il y a longtemps que je voulais partager ce film avec vous. Un documentaire particulièrement bien réalisé par le grand photographe reporter Suisse, Alberto Venzago.
Au passage de l'an 2000, je l'ai rencontré au Bénin, il réalisait et cadrait, comme moi, un documentaire sur la religion vaudou. J'ai été impressionné par son histoire. Cela faisait 10 ans qu'il suivait un enfant promis au titre de prêtre vaudou. Un film puissant et sublime produit par Wim Wenders, écrit par Kit Hopkins et une musique de Jochen Schmidt-Hambrock.


ThirstyTraveller said...

This reminds me of Alan Parker's spooky film "Angel Heart" from 1987. I can see Louis Cyphre, Epiphany Proudfoot, Margaret Krusemark,Harry Angel, among others in this piece. Soooooky! Epiphany says "He was a Bambouche. When the spirits posses you it's called Chevalier" Hence the title "Mounted by the gods". Well, I can't repeat what she said after that...Interesting stuff! Thanks a million for sharing it.

Ogoun Ferraille said...

75rJe dois me coucher Nico mais c'est pas évident car je viens de regarder 5 minutes de ceci...

On est là Papa !

Merci infiniment et à demain !!!

dial africa said...

I only today realised that Jochen Schmidt the composer of the soundtrack here was a classmate of mine.

I've just started to see the film. Thank you.

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