African All Stars & Sam Mangwana (Congo/1979)

This record from the congolese African All Stars band was recorded in Nigeria under beninese Albarika Store label. Some members of the band have recorded many albums with different orchestras from Benin, like malian saxophonist Tidiane Kone (Poly-Rythmo) or guitarist Dizzi Mandjekou (Stan Tohon).
This album was really inspired by whole west Africa, from Ivory-Coast to Nigeria through Benin. Compositions are sometimes afrobeat, sometimes highlife, pure happiness.

Cet album du groupe congolais "African All Stars" a été enregistré au Nigeria sous le label béninois Albarika Store. Certains musiciens de l'orchestre ont enregistré de nombreux albums avec des orchestres béninois tels que le saxophoniste malien Tidiani Kone (orchestre Poly-Rythmo) ou encore le guitariste Dizzi Mandjekou (Stan Tohon). Cet album a vraiment été inspiré par toute l'Afrique de l'Ouest, de la côte d'Ivoire jusqu'au Nigeria, en passant par le Bénin. Cela se ressent à travers des compositions parfois afrobeat, parfois highlife, sublime.

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David Wyatt said...

'Pure happiness' indeed, thank you for this disc! I liked these versions as well - some sort of 'greatest hits'! The first one sounds like a live version, or at least it's pretending to be - why does Sam say hello to a London audience if it's recorded in Nigeria?!

Thanks again: always a joy to hear another Sam Mangwana disc!!