Orchestre LES SYMPATHIC & Charly Bazeby (1982)

Dear listeners, I have been working in Brazil and I could not post any records. I am back with a rare Beninese record on Albarika's label. Charly Bazeby is from Congo, he recorded this album with the Sympathic's band from Porto-Novo in 1982. Famous Malian saxophonist, Tidjane Kone;, also participated on the recording. Great soukous music...

Chers auditeurs, je reviens de Brésil ou j'ai travaillé. Je reviens et je poste un super album édité sur le label Albarika Store. Le compositeur est congolais et s'appelle Charly Baseby, il a enregistré cet album avec le fameux orchestre béninois "Les Sympathics".  Le célèbre saxophoniste malien, Tidjani Kone, a aussi participé à l'enregistrement. Super album soukous...


glinka21 said...

Thank you!

soukousman said...

Merci beaucoup mon frère! One of the most famous musicians out of this picture is guitar virtuoso Dally Ndala Kimoko who has played with a melange of artists of the African diaspora. During this period (1982-1984), this was when he was on a musical adventure and worked with artists/bands such as Sery Simplice, Orchestre Sympathic de Porto Novo, Agboti Yawo, and a couple of others of the West African region.

Jaime said...

Merci pour cet autre magnifique album, Oro. Est-ce normal que tous les morceaux coupent avant la fin?

oro said...

salut Jaime, malheureusement , je ne possède pas ce disque, j'ai télécharger les rips sur Ebay, je n'ai donc pas la fin des morceaux.

thiol said...

Salut Oro,
J'ai une copie de cet album si çà t'intéresse.

David said...

Oro, have a great 2014 & a BIG THANK YOU for all the LPs and 7"s you've posted this year, what a generous man you are!

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DJ Daudi said...

Very nice, oro. Melesi mingi!

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javan said...

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