OUSMANE KOUYATÉ & Les Ambassadeurs (Mali/1984)

After "Revelation 82" that you can find HERE is great afro-funk "Kéfimba" recorded in 1984 with famous orchestra Les Ambassadeurs.
Very young, Ousmane Kouyaté is passionate about music and learns balafon and guitar. In 1978, he met Kante Mafila offering him to join the orchestra Les Ambassadeurs Internationaux, founded with Salif Keita. Ousmane took part of the recording of all the albums. He began his solo career in 1982 with: "Revelation 82" (1982), "Ousmane Kouyaté & Les Ambassadeurs Internationaux" (1983), "Kefimba" (1984) and "Domba" (1990).


Après "Révélation 82" que vous pouvez trouver ICI, voici le sublime afro-funk "Kefimba" enregistré en 1984 avec toujours "Les Ambassadeurs".
Très jeune, Ousmane Kouyaté se passionne pour la musique et apprend le balafon et la guitare. En 1978, il rencontre Kante Manfila qui lui propose d'intégrer lorchestre Les Ambassadeurs Internationaux, fondé avec Salif Keita. Ousmane participe à l’enregistrement de tous les albums. Il commence sa carrière solo en 1982 avec: "Revélation 82", "Ousmane Kouyaté et Les Ambassadeurs Internationaux" (1983), "Kefimba" (1984) et "Domba" (1990).


NGONI said...

Thank you for sharing this work.
"Les Ambassadeurs" disappeared in 1982, when Salif Keita decided to go to Paris looking for something better, the old comrades and other musician friends remained for some years in Ivory Coast, there was a recording studio and living standards was somewhat better than in Mali, at least there was work.

Later,Les Ambassadeurs recordings are not the perspective of a band, just help them get a new recording, putting the seal Ambassadeurs in house record label,an album supposed to get a little extra money, this is not to underestimate the songs, some of them splendid but always a bit disjointed, with different styles, probably at the request of the record label.
Oussmane Kouyaté before Domba (1990), was in 1987 in Paris recording with Salif, and recording with other artists, he also recorded an album with his wife Kounady Sakiliba about 1994.

The Magnificent Goldberg said...

Thank you for this. I didn't know Kounady Sakiliba was his wife. I have a K7 of her album 'Daraja' (issued by 'SK' but there are no sleeve notes.

Is this the one with Ousmane?


NGONI said...

According to my information Daraja is a song from the first Kounady album, it seems that there is another recent, appeared in ytb videos, but I do not know it.
I have not de staff, but the guitar is Oussmane, sure, and surely Philippe Rykiel on keyboards, if you check the album Domba, can find the Kounady song dedicated to his wife, there is even another instrumental version, which I believe was used as soundtrack of a television serie.

NGONI said...

First apologize for the double s, the official way is Ousmane Kouyaté.
The second thing is, if anyone knows who is the lead voice on the first track, for a moment think the style of Kassemady Diabaté, Lanfia Diabaté I thought then, but after further listening do not think so, the band seems be almost the same as the previous album Revelation 82, the winds sound the same, also the keyboard of Cheich Tidiani(Seck) looks the same, the naked guitar, looks Manfila Kante, instead of Bahini Koitá, also the voice in "N'doni ki wele" seems Manfila, but who is the lead singer? in Hommage...

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The Magnificent Goldberg said...

That's very interesting Ngoni. I'll get Domba out and listen shortly.


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