Orchestre Picoby Band (1965's Festival)

Orchestre Picoby Band from Abomey was created in 1953. Abomey is the capital of Dahomey's Kingdoms. In 1965 the band participated in the first national music festival. They arrived third, just behind another great band from Dahomey: Anassoua Jazz Band. This 7 Inch is a recording from this 1965's festival, which took place in Cotonou. I invite you to read this post from Radiodiffusion Internasionaal Annexe which is very complete. You will excuse the quality of the vinyl. Enjoy this rare record of pure gold afro-cuban songs.

- Mado Winwé (Bolero)
- Akouavi (Bolero)
- Ahobobo (Rumba)
- Egbnon Noukountchémé (Tango)


gakpetor said...

it has been said before and I can only say it again: by unveiling these great recordings in this blog you are doing a truly great job. thank you!

Marcel said...

Picoby Band is damn hard to find !!!!
I got a 7" inches from them