Mamadi Diabate (Mali/1984)

Mamadi Diabate was born in Kela (Mali) in 1946. He began working as a tailor during the sixties in Bamako where he started playing guitar and singing. Unfortunately, his career was short. He recorded very few LP's, one in 1985 with Kante Manfila and the Ambassadors and this one in 1984. He also recorded with Ousmane Kouyate on a record you can fond here.

Mamadi Diabate est né à Kela au Mali en 1946. Durant les années 60s, alors qu'il travaille comme tailleur, il commence l'aprentissage de la guitare et du chant. Malheuresement sa carrière de musicien sera courte. Il enregistre de rares albums comme celui ci en 1984, ou en 1985 avec Kante Manfila. Il a aussi enregistré avec Ousmane Kouyate sur un album que vous pouvez trouver ici.


reservatory said...

Another unknown beauty! THANKS!

b2v said...

muchas gracias compadre !
tu eres un amigo de Manu Boublil (Comet Records) ?

Anonymous said...

Wonderful album. Many thanks!
This page:
credits this album to 'Mamadi Diabaté et Le Super Star International' and lists it as published in 1984.

NGONI said...

Thanks oro,beautiful sax.

Beautiful guitar and trumpets,but who is that sax?

DJ Daudi said...

I ahve listened to this album a number of times and I have been struck by the song HAKE.
I wonder if it is a remake or retake on Verckys' classic masterpiece NAKOMITUNAKA?
Is there any tranlation for this song HAKE?

Jaime said...

Bonjour, Oro. Je viens de découvrir cet artiste grâce à Globalgroove. Si l'occasion se présente, te sera t-il possible de réactiver le lien pour ce disque qui m'intrigue beaucoup? Grand merci.