Sunny Black's Band (Poly-Rythmo/1965)

This is my third post about Sunny Black's Band. Created by Clément Mélomé in 1965, this orchestra will become in 1969 the famous Poly-Rythmo's orchestra.
In this EP, the Side one, a cara-bouche rhythm from Congo, has been composed by Honoré Senahun. The Side two, a pachanga rhythm, has been composed by Nicolas Gomez.


reservatory said...

Hello! I just bought a copy of the Sunny Black 45 after this one - Philips PF 383 983. I had not intended to, but once I heard the preview, I had trouble getting it out of my head. It's a beauty, more tribal than Latin. I was wondering if you would like to post it @ Oro, if you don't already have it. I've made digital files and scans. Let me know?

Anonymous said...

Great record! Great blog, great work oro!