Afro National (Sierra Leone, 1976)

Here si a special album and a new country on Oro. The Afro National from Sierra Leone is a solid band with a powerful variety of styles: afro-beat, with the dynamic cover of Fela's tune "Who're you?", afro-funk, afro-psyche and afro-cuban. I personnally love the slamming sound of the drums and the voice of Patricia Koroma, later Abubakar, on the title "Wonder Muye". We will discover more of her in an upcoming Afro National's post. This album was edited by an the label Makossa Records in 1976. It is ar reissue of a Sonafric's album released in 1975, but without the great "Mister Who you be?". here is the cover (thank you Ken Yatta for the aditional infos):

Voici un album vraiment special. Le groupe Afro National de Sierra Leone est un orchestre solide dans la variété des styles est redoutable: afrobeat, avec la dynamique reprise du titre de Fela "Who're you?", afro-funk, afro-psyche, afro-cubain, bref, toute l'Afrique. J'aime personnellement le son claquant de la batterie et la voix essentielle de Patricia Koroma, futur Abubakar, sur le titre "Wonde Muye". Nous découvrirons plsu amplement cette diva Sierra Leonaise dans un prochain courrier d'Afro Naitional. Cette album a été édité par un label Makossa Records en 1976. C'est une réedition de l'album produit par Sonafric en 1975 mais sans le puissant "Mister who you be?" (voir ci-joint). Merci à Ken Yatta pour cette denière info.


ken_yatta said...

This is essentially the "Push am Forward" Lp with a different track sequence (plus 2 different songs). Looks like a Makossa Records import.


AFRO NATIONAL- Push Am Forward _ Sonafric SAF 5114 1975
A1 Push Am Forward A2 Temedi Oh A3 Afro National A4 Baby Anna
B1 Marie B2 Wondemuyei B3 Den Kick B4 Awani

fortherecord said...

Thanks Oro - I am enjoying this one.

aduna said...

Encore une superbe trouvaille!

dailyleftover said...

oro always rocks the boat!

dial africa said...

Is it possible, that your download link is broken? Could you please check? Thank you for all your music!

Leofavio said...

Have the album where this song is?

Leofavio said...

Have the album where this song is?