This is Marijata & Osibisaba

A new blog appeared in August, devoted to Ghanaian music. I invite you to discover Osibisaba and one of its post about  Marijata. Ghana, Cameroon, Congo, Benin, blogs specify, for happiness of all.

Un nouveau blog est apparu au mois d'Août, consacré à la musique Ghanéenne. Je vous invite donc à  découvrir Osibisaba ainsi que ce superbe album de Marijata. Ghana, Cameroun, Congo, Bénin, les blogs se spécifient, pour le bonheur de tous.

Marijata was a group of three members, Addison 'Electric' Kofi on guitar, Bob Fischian on the organ and Nat Osmanu also on guitar. They were formed in the heart of the band the Sweet Beans with the young singer, guitarist Pat ThomasMarijata were, according to their notes pockets, "attempting to bring some freshness and the return of Raw Funk" in their recordingsTheir first LP: "This is Marijata", on the Gapophone label, is pure Funk Rawest Africa. Gapophone Records was a label founded by a young producer, Mr. George Appiah Prah, after his return from London where he lived for a period. Marijata has to his credit only two LPs on Gapophone but so essentialfor any collector of vinyl Afro Funk.

Marijata étaient un groupe de trois membres, Addison 'Électrique' Kofi à la guitare, Bob Fischian sur l'orgue et Nat Osman à la guitare. Ils ont été formé au cœur de l'orchestre les Sweet Beans dont le jeune chanteur, guitariste, Pat Thomas fesait parti. Marijata, selon leurs notes de pochettes, "essayaient d'apporter une certaine fraîcheur et le retour du "Raw Funk" dans leurs enregistrement Ghanéen des années 70. "This is Marijata" sur le label Gapophone, est du pur son Funk Rawest Africa. Gapophone Records était un label fondé par un jeune producteur, Mr. George Appiah Prah après son retour de Londres où il a vécu pendant une période. Marijata a donc à son actif seulement deux LP sur Gapophone mais tellement essentiels pour tout collectionneur de vinyls Afro Funk.


O s i b i s a b a said...

Thanks for the mention Oro! Your blog has been a favorite for a long time.

Yorkey said...
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Yorkey said...

There's this incredible song "Nite Safarie" by a band thats similiar to Marijata, The Black Star Sound, on a compilation album Ghana Soundz. I'm just wondering if you know anything more about this band, and if there are any other recordings by them?

theshiva3 said...

Thanks to Oro and Osibisaba!!! You guys are both kicking serious ass. It's people like you that are keeping this music alive and giving these under appreciated artists the recognition they deserve. Hopefully one day everyone will have affordable access to the mountains of lost West African music. Until then, I salute you.