Orchestre PICOBY BAND d'Abomey

Orchestra Picoby Band has been already introduced on Oro here, but it deserves a more complete post. The band is from Abomey and was found in 1953. It is one of the oldest band from Benin with Renova Band, also from Abomey or Super Star de Ouidah. Those three bands only recorded EP's. Picoby Band  recorded at least seven 7-inches singles. Here are four of them. Most of the tracks were afro-beat tunes recorded on Lawani Affisoulayi's label Aux Ecoutes and composed by they great Honore Avolonto. It was around 1970.

On the first record, "Dieu Merci" ("Thank's God") is a very nice soukous tune and "Honton Ve Zoun" a powerful jerk, both composed by Honore Avolonto.

Side 1: "Hounton Ye Zoun" (Honore Avolonto)
Side 2: "Dieu Merci" (Honore Avolonto)

Second record is also composed by Honore Avolonto. "Mi Hon Noun Gbeto" is an excellent pachanga with very good congas sound recording. "Ye Houe Deou" is another jerk tune.

Side 1: "Mi Hon Noun Gbeto" (Honore Avolonto)
Side 2: "Ye Houe Deou" (Honore Avolonto)
On the third record Honore Avolonto composed "Vikou..." which is called soukous but it does not sound like. "Jo Ahi Nou Se" is a great Afro-Beat tune composed by Sanoussi Mouminou but sang by Avolonto.

LA 29

Side 1: "Vikou..." (Honore Avolonto)
Side 2: "Jo Ahi Nou Se" (Sanoussi Mouminou)

This record has been recorded on Albarika Store's label and composed by Sanoussi Mouminou. The single "Mi Ma Kpe Dji" is a great afro-beat tune sang by Avolonto. "Lidia" is a nice and cool Highlife tune sang by an anonymous singer. I think that this record was released after 1970.

ASB 153

Side 1: "Mo Ma Kpe Dji" (Sanoussi Mouminou)
Side 2: "Lidia" (Sanoussi Mouminou)

This record edited on label "Echos Sonores du Bénin" has been composed by Pierre Avohou. The two tracks are beautiful Sato rhythms.

Ce disque édité sur le label "Echos Sonores du Bénin" a été composé par Pierre Avohou. Les deux morceaux sont des superbes rythmes Sato.

This record is a contribution of Ogoun Ferraille with two wonderful Jerk rhythms: "Me Adominia" and "Houi Hou Mi To". I do not have the reference of this record but Ogoun should reveals it very quickly.

Ce disque est une contribution d'Ogoun Ferraille avec deux sublimes Jerk: "Me Adomina" et "Houi Hou Mi To". Je ne connais pas la référence du disque mais Ogoun devrait nous dévoile ça très vite.


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Any chance of you re uploading the two Vis-a-Vis LP's you listed under the K.Frimpong post? I saw that link and almost shit myself till I realized they were all dead :(
A sad mirage to come across. I have "agye me do fo" but it's the Makossa edition that actually has a different track listing on side two. Never heard of the "Kankyema Ntoaso Ne Awadee" LP! Would LOVE to check that out! Pretty please :)

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Quelque chose comme un grand post. Merci, Oro. Vraiment superbe.

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Yes, it would be incredible if you could re-upload those two Vis-a-Vis records! That's the best little collection ever posted on this site. thanks

Oro said...

Hello dear listeners,
my next post will a Vis A Vis '.

Anonymous said...

Hello Oro,

this is an excellent post. Very unique stuff, in terms of Benin and beyond! Yes, they borrow on afrobeat, funk, James Brown, but add something of themselves. This is picobybeat, isn't it?

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