Negro Jazz de Cotonou (1965)

Let's discover a new beninese band on Oro, the Negro Jazz de Cotonou, typical orchestra of the independence period influenced by Afro-Cuban and highlife rhythms. The leader of the band is  Mathias Malaya. For me, this orchestra does not represent the golden age of beninese music but it remains an interesting discover.

Découvrons un nouvel orchestre Béninois sur Oro, les Negro Jazz de Cotonou. Orchestre typique de l'époque de l'indépendance aux influences afro-cubaines et highlife. Le leader du groupe est Mathias Malaya. Pour moi ce groupe ne représente pas l'age d'or de la musique béninoise mais il reste une découverte intéressante.

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reservatory said...

I dunno, I really like this one. They seem to be really young, playing sketchy guitars, like Western sixties garage bands. Interesting too that this is strictly a guitar band, even though there's a horn player on the cover. Thanks again!