Poly-Rythmo: Gold Collection Vol.5

This is the 5th volume of this "gold collection" edited on CD by the Top Showbiz label. As you can see, the cover comes from the famous album: "Reconciliation".

1- Yawo Bebenon
2- Yewle Yawo
3- Djomido
4- Africa


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Anonymous said...

AAAAH!!My brother Oro,of course I know very VERY well and I love your blog,I decided to split my blog in two and create Black Star Liners for the American adventures and there you will find many surprises:Candomblé,Santeria ,Voodoo,Cajun ,good reggae and Afro-American free jazz.It's a thematic blog that intents to attempt to reunite spiritually the Americas with Africa.I linked here also.And needless to say, if you like anything you can repost without any further permission.

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