Bentho Gustave & l'International Poly-Rythmo

Bentho Gustave began his career with the Super Star Of Ouidah (previous post) and joined, in 1969, the powerfull Orchestre Poly-Rythmo. He is the composer and the bass player of this album which was released in 1980 by the famous label: Libert.

Bentho Gustave a commencé sa carrière dans l'Orchestre Super Star de Ouidah (précédent courrier). En 1969, il co-fonde l'Orchestre Poly-Rythmo. Sur cet album, produit en 1980 par le fameux Label Libert, il compose et joue bien entendu de son instrument fétiche: la guitare-bass.

I espcially thank Vivien for sending me this album and I also thank Frank, from Voodoo Funk, for posting the picture of Bentho Gustave.


b2v said...

the ruy mingas is such a beauty !! thanks !

trumpetaaa said...

fantastic!! one more record from the great poly rythmo many many thank yous

yearsagotoday said...

I'm loving this stuff! Stellar!