Gnonnas Pedro: El Cochechivo

I think this album from Gnonnas Pedro deserves a better sleeve. Nevertheless, this Cochechivo, one of the best album of the maestro, carries his signature. It was recorded in 1980.


Ce vinyle de Gnonnas Pedro mériterait une plus belle pochette. Néanmoins, cet album de 1980 est l'un des meilleurs du maestro.

Side A:
Yiri Yiri Boum
Nuevo Tambourini
Etrococo Masawenin

Side B:
El Cochechivo
Agbadja Moderne - synthèse



baiowulf said...

oh wow. thank you so much. seriously..

reservatory said...

Having trouble unzipping the zip. Have tried it with two different software programs, but I end up with only three tracks, with tracks 1 and 2 missing. Sorry to bother you, but...?

hvbakshi said...

Hate to be a bother, but the Gnonnas Pedro disc you uploaded on July 9 only contains one song (Pt. Yhombi Moniga Wezon), and not the song "30 Novembre".

Would it be possible to add 30 November to the zip?