Before posting an album from Gnonnas Pedro, the creator of modern Agbadja rhythm, let's discover traditional Agbadja, a rhythm that comes from the Mono region, to the west of Benin, and which belongs to the Mina tribe.
Avant de poster un album de Gnonnas Pedro, créateur du rythme Agbadja moderne, découvrons l'Agbadja traditionnel, un rythme qui vient de la région du Mono, à l'ouest du Bénin, et qui appartient à l'ethnie Mina.


WinterStatic said...

Just wanted to say I use to follow your blog a while back and now am catching up, it is the most epic African music blog I have ever come cross, and I follow hundreds of music blogs of all types, this one is truly miraculous and something very special, thank you for all your effort and gold stuff you present.

Oro said...

hello WintesrStatic,
I have opened this blog to hear comments and supports like yours. Thank you very much and best regards.

cybearDJM said...

Hi Oro, Been following from times to times, when I find time in my schedule.
Just to say one of the MP3 files is corrupt when unzipping = # 3.
Tried to repair archive, same pb...

zotorglo said...

Hi Oro,

I am very interested in the Agbadja music from Togo that you mention here, but the link does not work to listen to it. I research Agbadja in Ghana, and would love to talk with you more about any knowledge you have.