Pozo Hayes feat. Ignace de Souza & Danialou Sagbohan (Ghana/1985)

This first album from Pozo Hayes was edited by Satel and recorded in Benin in 1985. Ignace de Souza is on trumpet and Danialou Sagbohan on drums. Here is the story of Pozo Hayes:
As a little boy growing up in Kaneshie, Nana Boake Ofori Atta, a.k.a Pozo Hayes, could not go out to play like other children. Virtually grounded by polio at the age of three, he founded companionship in radio set. His father, Aaron Kofi Asante Ofori Atta, the last Speaker of parliament in Nkrumah regime bought him a wheelchair when he was about to start school. The right armrest of that chair became the drum with which he supported his singing of trendy pop tunes at school.
At the beginning of his career, the promoter of Satel Editions invited him in Cotonou, Benin. Pozo Hayes elected to do the trip with Classic Handels and the gig was great. He recorded his firts album "Looking Over There" and since then, he has not looked back and can boast of eight albums to his name.


ken_yatta said...


I digitized this same album 2 weeks ago and was going to bring it to your attention. I prefer the highlife on the album's A side to the soul and reggae on the B side. Much better is POZO HAYES AND MARRIOTS' Su Nkwa Lp from 1989.


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