T.P. Poly-Rythmo: New Formula

Poly-Rythmo, New Formula, but without his enormous singer, Lohento Eskill (left on the cover) who died in 2006. This CD was recorded in the early 2000s. Arrangements and sounds are not, for me, enough height. I only like one title with Sagbohan Danialou on drums and vocals Melome Clement. Sagbohan plays with Poly-Rythmo for only second time. The first was in 1972, for the recording of his first single "Gbeto Vivi".

Poly-Rythmo, Nouvelle Formule, mais sans son immense chanteur: Lohento Eskill (à gauche sur la pochette). qui est décédé en 2006. Ce CD a été enregistré au début des années 2000. Pour moi, les arrangements et le son ne sont pas assez à la hauteur. Je n'aime qu'un morceau avec Sagbohan Danialou à la batterie et Mélomé Clément au chant. Sagbohan enregistre avec Poly-Rythmo pour la seconde fois seulement. La première fois, en 1972, est pour l'enregistrement de son premier titre: "Gbeto Vivi".


sweeten said...

Thanks for posting this. I wasn't aware of it. Have you heard of the Benin Passion cd, also from 2000 (+/- 1 year)? Poly-Rythmo plays two tracks on it, one with Eskil and the other with Clement. I wonder if these tracks were recorded around the same time?

Oro said...

Hello Sweeten,

I already posted the Passion CD. Effectively, they were recorded during those years. Thank you for your comment.

Kostas from Greece said...

Hello oro,
thank you one more for all this awesome music.
Will you upload and the other songs of this cd,or only the one you like it?
Thank you again and again...