Liberdade (Brazil 2002)

"These two recordings were made in Brazil by Liberdade in 2002. Liberdade was en ephemerous studio group of 9 musicians, all born and raised in the Afro Brazilian city of Salavador da Bahia. None of them ever really had the opportunity to record instrumental music for a producer. When I came up with the idea of doing of doing a short recording session inspired in 70's funk, all the musicians fell in love with the project and decided to work on original compositions. The result is here, a raw, infectious, syncopated afro funk track & easier catchy samba soul. Hope you'll enjoy this very first Oriki Music studio production". Gregoire de Villanova.

I only put extracts of the vinyle. I invite you to buy this vinyl on Diaspora Records or on Itunes.

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