Sam Fan Thomas (Cameroon/1985)

J'ai souvent parlé de Sam Fan Thomas car il fait partie intégrante de l'histoire de la musique Béninoise. Il a souvent enregistré sur le label Satel et a repris des chansons d'auteur béninois qu'il a exporté dans le monde. Cet album enregistré en 1985 n'est pas le meilleur pour moi, à cause de la batterie électronique qui me procure des électrochocs.

I have often spoken of Sam Fan Thomas because he is a part of music from Benin. He has recorded on the label Satel, picked songs composed by Beninese authors for exporting them worldwide. This album recorded in 1985 is not the best for me, because of the electronic drum that gives me electric shocks.


Mouhamadou Falilou Mbacke Ndiaye said...

I was looking for it for quite a while. Effectively, it wasn't his best after the successful Makassi. However, 2 songs catch my attention, Olga and Poma. They're real jams. Keep on the good work, ORO.

Africolombia said...

This was one of the albums most appreciated by the dancers in Barranquilla and Cartagena, the melodies Neng Makassi and olga
during the 80s, sounded thanks to the huge sound devices or soundsystems(Los Picós)
currently continue to be heard

Oro said...

Thank you for this interesting comment Afrocolombia.

Africolombia said...

I invite you to listen to this MIX
taken from an old cassette recording K7 of the 1,986 year one of the top "Picós" Soundsystem in my city Barranquilla, Colombia. you can hear all the recording carefully and you can listen 2 songs of Sam Fan Thomas of Cameroon. all the Sound systems o Picós always sounding music of this great artist was always a favorite for the Djs o Picoteros

Anonymous said...

could U re up this please?

Falilou Ndiaye said...

Is there a way it can be re-uploaded?